Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Research On Increasing Your Profits During Summer Months

Summer weather is an easy excuse for why business is slow. shows how taking your business out of the regular routine with a few low cost changes can make the difference between in bringing in money or seeing it walk past the storefront.

Boston, MA ( August 22, 2012 – A leading website in small business advice,, offers three overlapping methods for targeting customers while staying out of the red. “Make the news work for you” is the focal point of the marketing campaign promotes.  Running a contest and having it covered by the local newspaper, chronicle, or gazette can win over numerous customers for free. 

Spinning the contest to involve a summer theme with a sign-up-now or miss out attitude pushes unsure consumers to walk through the door. writer Michael Barry advises, “by keeping your business related to the season you lower the potential for business to stagnate” (

Then comes the decoration.  Take a look at your website, is it pretty mediocre or does it make you want to go in and check out the store or buy from the site directly?  Adding a summer theme to your website is a cost efficient method of incorporating your summer contest into all aspects of your business for interested customers.  A tangible design in your store is just as simple to construct and can create foot traffic you did not see in the winter months.  Barry suggests, “try setting up a display of things you already sell in a summer theme.  Grocery stores put items you cook together near each other on displays to milk multiple sales from customers.  Now you just need to pinpoint summer sellers and bundle them together.”

Small changes like those presented on can make the difference between a few slow months to an exciting business that customers want to walk into.  Expanding your customer base does not have to be a financial endeavor, why not experiment and add to your web of loyal customers?  A full explanation of how to manipulate seasons to increase your web traffic or store traffic is available on (

Summer months may negatively impact the profit gains of your business, as more people spend their time in the sun than in the stores.  Fewer customers mean less money for business owners to spend on advertising to bring in new customers or keep patrons coming back.  When this predicament hits, it is easy to let the summer months fly by and to take a hit in your profits.  But the smart business owner maximizes profits by utilizing low cost options to bring in high volumes of customers.

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