Friday, 21 September 2012

Unique Marketing Campaigns In 2012

Los Angeles, CA  ( September 21, 2012 –  Marketing Campaigns in 2012 utilize technological advances that previous decades didn’t have.  Edmond Masjedi realizes the importance of using a unique and interesting marketing style using the most advanced technology, such as 3D advertising in his marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaign trends have changed drastically compared to one decade ago.  Today, social media, user-generate content, and mobile marketing are at the top of the list for invaluable marketing tools.
Edmond Masjedi has been able to attract the attention of consumers for all kinds of brands through using unique and interesting approach to get the message across.
Video and viral marketing are also center stage in 2012.  According to marketing trend websites, businesses “can expect video to take on some surprising approaches in 2012 – with many companies developing fresher and more user-focused forms of viral marketing.”
The past 10 years have seen a shift from the use of traditional marketing to companies expanding to digital.  Some industries still rely on old school marketing such as newspapers, direct mail and television; however most understand that growth of social media is outstanding.
Coming up for 2013, leaders in the marketing industry predict that the focus of mobile marketing will continue with rapid fire.  E-Marketer reports on mobile usage and marketing trends say that by 2013, over $3.3 billion will be spent in mobile marketing.  Also, it is projected that by 2013 that about 44% of cell phone users, or about 134 million people, will be on the Internet, whether it is by checking email, browsing websites or using Twitter or Facebook.
Edmond Masjedi utilizes the most current marketing trends in his marketing campaigns and will continue to provide his customer’s with innovative and technologically advanced marketing tools for their company’s products.
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