Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Flikmo Rolls Out “One-Touch” Mobile Coupon Redemption

Mobile Solution Gives Brands, Customers and Vendors a More Convenient Way to Redeem Deals

NEW YORK ( August 22, 2012 – Flikmo, one of the leaders in mobile marketing solutions, has rolled out a “One-Touch” mobile coupon redemption platform, addressing one of the main challenges companies and brands have faced with mobile redemption. While customer preferences for mobile coupons have increased significantly over the past few years, companies have faced obstacles associated with the wide variety of vendors who do not have scanners, computers or other redemption infrastructure needed to easily validate mobile coupons. Flikmo solves that problem with its “One-Touch” mobile redemption solution.

Flikmo’s mobile coupon platform allows companies and brands to send customers mobile coupon images, which customers can then show to a vendor or store cashier. In order to redeem, Flikmo’s “One-Touch” coupons allow cashiers to simply tap the coupon image on the customer’s phone. The customer’s phone then automatically connects to the company’s validation server and stamps “REDEEMED” on the mobile coupon. This solution accomplishes companies’ consumer marketing goals, makes it simple for a wide variety of vendors to convert coupons at point-of-sale, and automatically delivers to companies dynamic sales data and analytics.

“The major holdback that companies have faced in the past with mobile coupons has centered around the mobile redemption process,” says Andy Sands, Flikmo’s Founder and President. “The lack of a convenient way for the diverse range of vendors to redeem, track and report back data has been a significant hurdle in the mobile coupon space. However, through feedback from some of the companies and brands we work with, we feel that we’ve developed a solution in “One-Touch” that appropriately addresses that obstacle and gives companies an incredible tool that allows them to grow their customer base and increase sales.”

Flikmo also offers mobile integration of mobile promotions and coupons into companies’ loyalty programs. Points can be automatically added to customers’ loyalty cards and accounts for the purchase of products, redeeming coupons, attending events through location recognition and other customer loyalty actions.

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