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Play in a NEW NFL Fantasy League Daily or Weekly at

The NFL has started, are you going to be happy with the same fantasy team for the entire season? Too late to sign up for an NFL Fantasy League? Compete daily or weekly at

Toronto, Canada ( September 14, 2012 -- Fantasy Sports leagues have traditionally been played over the course of a full season. The difference in Fantasy Feud is that you can join a new league designed for one night of action, or one week if you select to play in a weekly format. Like a regular fantasy sports league you will face off against other players where you will build your roster in an effort to generate the highest point total to beat the other competitors in your league. Injury concerns and add/drops are a part of the past. Fantasy Feud takes the excitement of your yearly pool and applies it to one day of action.
Almost 30 million people play fantasy sports each year.
Compete for Real Money or for Free
Users have the option to play against friends or other Fantasy Feud members in cash leagues to win real money or in free leagues to win points which can be redeemed for prizes in the online store.
Users can select the sport you would like to play, the draft type you’re interested in, the number of players you wish to face and the amount of money you would like to play for.
Daily, Weekly or Season Long Fantasy Competitions
Fantasy Feud is providing fantasy sports enthusiasts with an alternative way to play in sports pools. Rather than simply playing in season long pools Fantasy Feud is offering daily and weekly games where you can win cash prizes or accumulate points to purchase merchandise in our store. Games are offered for the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football and MLB to allow you to focus on the sports you know best.
Some of the types of daily and weekly games:
Salary Cap Draft
The Salary Cap Draft is designed to allow you to play the role of General Manager for your team. You will have a $1,000,000 salary to build your roster. Your goal is to build the best team you can within the constraints of your budget in order to get the maximum number of fantasy points possible. Your team will go up against other member’s teams, within the game you are playing, and the player with the most fantasy points will win. Watch the salary cap video tutorial to see it in action.
Snake Draft
Is your favorite part of playing fantasy sports the yearly draft with your friends? There is no need to wait a full year between drafts anymore. You can join a snake draft where you will face off against other users in a live draft. If you have 4 members in your game a random draft order will be generated prior to the start of the contest. In the first round the draft order will be 1, 2, 3, and 4. In the second round the order will be 4, 3, 2, and 1 and will continue to alternate each round throughout the draft.
Pro Pick’Em Draft
Fantasy Feud is bringing the concept of the box pool to daily fantasy sports. Each Pro Pick’Em Draft will feature 10 groups of players with 8 players per group. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the player who will be the top performer in each group. Your 10 players will face off against the 10 players your opponent selects. The team with the most points wins.
Who do you play against?
Pick an opponent or opponents from the homepage by registering for a football, basketball, baseball, or hockey league of your choosing or play against your friends by challenging them over email, Twitter, Facebook, or via the ‘Challenge Me’ button on a user profile.
About Fantasy Feud Inc.
Fantasy Feud Inc. is a social gaming platform that has been built to change the landscape of one of the fastest growing sports entertainment industries in North America. Everybody knows that the draft is the most exciting day of the season, the one that will make or break your fantasy team. If your favorite part of a pool is DRAFTING PLAYERS and WINNING then Fantasy Feud was built with you in mind.
The season long commitment of having to grind through injury reports and waiver wires are over. The Fantasy Feud platform provides instant gratification by making each day a new draft with a chance to win. They let you choose everything; sport, draft type, duration, size and entry fee so that you can format the games the way that YOU want to play them.
Fantasy Feud offers drafts for NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football and MLB across many draft variations. Dominate one style or train to be well versed in all formats. Users have the ability to see how they stack up against the best fantasy players in the world through leaderboards and specific Fantasy Feud challenges.
Our online community provides a network of fantasy players for all users to test their skills against, both in daily and weekly competitions. Users customize the leagues they wish to join and can compete in FREE games or those that have monetary prizes.
Contact Info:
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(415) 315-9629
Fantasy Feud

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