Friday, 14 September 2012

"Global Mission for Children Announces Donors Using Good Search to Help Raise Much Needed Funds for their Mission"

DONATING ONE SEARCH OR ONE PURCHASE AT A TIME WITHOUT TAKING A DIME OUT OF YOUR POCKET! Supporters of are using Good Search and Good Shop to raising money with every search of the Internet and every purchase on-line.

Bradenton, FL ( September 14, 2012 – (“GMFC”) announces Good Search to its donor’s, potential donors or anyone that wants to help the forgotten children around the world without taking a penny out of their pockets.

The concept behind Good Search is very simple. They are using Yahoo’s search engine and customized it to better the world. They are an ever increasingly popular search engine with a cause.  The search engine powered by Yahoo! Good Search donates 50% of its revenue, approximately a penny per search, to the charities designated by its users. You use it exactly as you would any other search engine and the pennies really add up – just 1000 people searching four times a day will earn around $14,600 in a year. It doesn’t cost the users a thing!

In addition Good Shop allows consumers to help their favorite causes by shopping at hundreds of well known retailers including Amazon, Target, Apple, Macy’s, Best Buy, Orbitz, Staples and others. The shopping experience and the prices are exactly the same as going to the retailer directly, but by going through Good Shop, up to 38% of the purchase price is donated the user’s favorite cause! James Miller, co-founder of GMFC states “thousands of dollars per year is being redistributed to charities by simply searching the internet with another search engine.” The results are exactly the same as other popular search engines and the money from every search and every purchase can really add up.”

The users of Good Search can also use over 100,000+ coupons that are available from Good Search. When one searches online on Amazon, BestBuy, Toys R Us and thousands of other popular sites they can save hundreds. James Miller states “I have saved in excess of $300 since I start to search with Good Search 6 months ago and I have raised over $20 for our mission…Incredible!”

Users can take advantage of Good Search by downloading their toolbar here the toolbar loads in one minute and the user starts to donate automatically every single time they search the internet no exceptions. A box will be at the top of the site with the number of coupons that are available for the particular site they are on.
More than 100,000 nonprofits and schools are now registered with Good Search and Good Shop and more than 100 charities and schools are registering daily. Good Search has quickly spread via word-of-mouth. Other organizations listed on the site have raised more than $40,000 so far.

Using Good Search could not be simpler. Because the site is powered by Yahoo, users are assured of high quality results - but each time you search, money is generated by the advertisers for your favorite charity or school.

“We know there are a lot of people who want to do good but may not have the time or the money to help out.” said Ken Ramberg, Co-Founder of Good Search and former President of MonsterTRAK, the largest online career site for college students (now a division of “Good Search and Good Shop makes it as easy as possible. We’ve taken something people do every day -- searching the Internet and shopping online -- and have turned it into doing good."


Contact Info:
James Miller
Fax – 888.959.0069
Global Mission for Children

Source : "Global Mission for Children Announces Donors Using Good Search to Help Raise Much Needed Funds for their Mission"(

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