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San Francisco, CA ( August 17, 2012- Almost two decades after the emergence of the business and life coach profession, coaching credentials are suddenly becoming more of a requirement. Even veteran coaches are seeking out accredited training programs using the gold standard set by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to attract clients and higher fees for coaching contracts and speaking engagements.

Revenues from professional coaching have nearly doubled over the past few years; globally to $1.9 billion. Industry trends also show that top-earners are now earning in excess of $65,000 per year according to the 2012 ICF Global Coaching study. A recent global survey of coaching clients by Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Association Resource Center concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, with over a quarter reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times.

Helen Attridge, CEO and Director of Training of the Academy of Coaching and NLP is attracting participants from around the world in her training programs in the United States. The summer intensive program in the San Francisco Bay Area is full, and people are already signing up for the next U.S. training program in November. A.C.N. also offers training programs in China and Mexico.

The popularity of Attridge’s coach training programs go way beyond credentials. Attridge wants to change the world one coach at a time and that emphasis has hit a global chord. The international trainer and master certified coach’s unique perspective was hatched in China, where she had taken a teaching job with the NLP’s Institute of California Coach Training Program after working with CEOs and executives internationally as a Results Coach for the Anthony Robbins Company.

“My teaching job in China opened my eyes and I saw that the Chinese are hungry, not just for corporate growth but also for personal development,” says Attridge. According to an article in Forbes magazine (Where China’s New Rich Are Putting Their Money/3/28/12), almost half of affluent high net worth individuals in China intend to take part in training programs over the next three years. An old Chinese proverb stating, ‘remember what you have received and forget what you have given’ leads Attridge to believe that the country is ripe for an explosion of philanthropy. This is the China that she is convinced will surprise the rest of the world with their rapid ascent to embrace change, learn and grow. “Training and coaching in China has really touched me at a deep level, the students have a deep desire for growth personally and professionally.”

So Helen set out to bring coaches together who want to create positive changes in the world. In 2009, she took over the NLP Coach Training Program, from the NLP Institute of California, renamed it the Academy of Coaching and NLP. Since then, she has redesigned the coaching program to emphasize how we must be the change we want to see in the world and to help students clarify how they will create their “ripple of change.”

A.C.N.’s unique program does that through an experiential, holistic training model that uses NLP to help coaches gain the coaching and interpersonal skills they need to work effectively. NLP—which stands for neuro (the brain), linguistic (communication), programming (the organization of information to create the results you want)—steers the brain to find solutions.

“People spend more time learning how to program their iPhone or their TV remote than their brain,” says Attridge. “By helping people figure out whether they process information using visual, auditory or kinesthetic language and then how to use that modality to organize information, we help them to create change and save a lot of time in the process.
“In coaching we say, ‘The gap between where you are and where you want to be is the story you tell yourself about why you can’t have that,’” she says. “NLP helps rewrite that script by understanding what the beliefs are and why they’re there.”

Attridge’s Academy of Coaching and NLP, which is accredited by the rigorous International Coach Federation (ICF), moves each client toward an increased understanding of his/her choices by providing support that enhances the client’s own talents, resources and vision. “We elicit solutions from the client,” says Attridge. “The coach helps the client to create the results he/she wants by facilitating the solution rather than coming up with it. Our students use the training to help others transform themselves and the world around them.”

Attridge’s ripple of change focus attracts a global clientele from a multitude of different backgrounds, including health professionals, executives, therapists, veteran coaches seeking the prestigious ICF credential and people who are completely new to the field of coaching. People from 15 different cultures have signed up for this summer’s San Francisco Bay Area (Marin County) intensive 20-day program including:

· A female lawyer from Russia
· A psychotherapist from Estonia
· Executives from Singapore and Brazil
· An executive coach who lives in England and trains in Europe and China
· An author
· A luxury branding consultant who wants to shift to being a branding coach
· A marketing professional who wants to incorporate coaching into her business offering
· Six teaching assistants from Mexico, China France and the US
· An Israeli health professional who wants to become a health coach
· Several individuals who are new to the coaching profession
· Several veteran coaches from around the globe seeking ICF accreditation
· Several coaches who want to add NLP to their skill set

The Academy of Coaching and NLP’S five-month program, which starts on November 1, 2012 and takes place over five four-day weekends, attracts an equally diverse, international group in part due to the fact that Helen, who was born and raised in Ireland and holds American citizenship, considers herself more of a global citizen. She left home at a relatively young age, traveled, studied and worked her way around the world. Helen’s ability to adapt and connect across cultures, ages and religions has created the perfect blend of life experience and training to do this important work.

Attridge’s global reach isn’t confined to those people who come to her. She has strengthened the existing coach programs she inherited from the NLP Institute in both China and Mexico, where she focuses on teaching executives how to make decisions from the heart. A business colleague—Mr. Zeng from Shenzhen China—stated that even with the unprecedented growth and opportunities in his country, life satisfaction seems to have dropped over the last two decades, “What I have learned through the A.C.N. training program has helped me create a personal goal to connect Chinese leaders back into the joy of life and to help them grow by using their experience and wisdom to improve and change their family, their companies and their communities.”

Attridge with Chinese Student SKY ZHENG

Attridge sees her efforts as a stepping stone to global leadership. “I partner with people who want to transform the world—whether locally, nationally or internationally—making it a healthier, more prosperous and peaceful place,” she says. She hopes that all who go through Academy of Coaching and NLP’s Trainings will do the same. To that end, she also offers Open Space for Coaches, a program that brings coaches from all different training backgrounds together to “re-juice their passion, network and share their vision for creating change through coaching. “At Open Space for Coaches, we’ll create new energy to make our ripples of change in the world,” promises the website. “We’ll create a whole ocean of ripples as we bring our heart’s work into the bigger world!

For more information about Attridge’s Academy of Coaching and NPL, contact Helen Attridge, A.C.N. or 530-477-0314 or visit:


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