Monday, 20 August 2012

Introducing – Insurance for Moving Companies Exclusively Available through Relocation Insurance Group

Montclair, N.J.( August 20, 2012 - Relocation Insurance Group (dba Moving Insurance LLC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website featuring insurance for moving companies –
On the website, moving company leaders can learn about Full Value Protection (FVP) Insurance, an all- new and exclusive product that works double duty. It provides coverage for customer goods, while also providing moving company insurance for certain types of liability.

“This new product is specifically designed to assist interstate moving companies that were required to adopt expanded Full Value Protection regulations effective May 15,” says Relocation Insurance Group CEO, Gadi Binness. “FVP Insurance not only helps moving companies comply with regulations – it also shields them from the negative effects of household goods and cargo claims that deteriorate motor cargo policy loss ratios.”
The FVP Insurance Blog features new articles every week to give moving companies ideas and information to manage risk, prevent claims, enhance customer satisfaction and grow profits. Make sure to read this week’s featured article: “Five tips to resolve moving company insurance complaints.”

The Full Value Protection Insurance program joins the company’s expansive line-up of moving insurance and relocation insurance products. “Most other moving insurance products are designed to help consumers. Full Value Protection Insurance is different because it helps moving companies protect themselves and serve customers better,” says Binness.

Key features of this new insurance for moving companies include:

• Free claims handling
• Simple monthly billing with no annual premium 
• Compliance with states’ DOT, US DOT and STB requirements 
• Broad protection with deductibles as low as $500 and limits as high as $500,000 
• Coverage of customer goods while in carriers’ possession (typically excluded in motor truck cargo policies)
Moving companies and insurance brokers interested in learning more can download a Full Value Protection Insurance Get Started Kit or call a Full Value Protection Insurance Specialist at 888-893-8835, ext. 112.

“For years, we have served consumers with convenient, affordable moving coverage. Now, our Full Value Protection Insurance provides moving companies the same convenience and peace of mind,” Binness says.
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Relocation Insurance Group, LLC (dba Moving Insurance, LLC) is a property and casualty insurance agency specializing in the relocation industry, licensed in all 50 states. Established in 2003, Relocation Insurance Group has revolutionized the way consumers purchase moving insurance. The relocation insurance program provides coverage through a network of more than 2,000 affiliated relocation companies. For more information, visit

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