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PulseTech’s Solar Products Harness The Power of Sunshine To Charge and Maintain 12V and 24V Batteries

SOUTHLAKE, TX ( August 29, 2012 - While the U.S. government continues to seek out alternate ways to provide clean energy to Americans, PulseTech® Products Corporation is ahead of the curve, providing consumers with a series of solar powered solutions to continually charge, maintain and significantly extend the normal lifecycles of 12V and 24V batteries.

PulseTech® Products Corporation, headquartered near Dallas, TX, has maximized battery performance while minimizing battery-related expenses for commercial fleets, military, emergency responders and the general public since 1994.

“PulseTech’s solar panel lineup has over the last decade proven to be an excellent solution for commercial vehicles and generators that spend much of their life outdoors as well as for boaters and sailors on the water,” said Pete Smith, PulseTech® president.

Smith said the company’s solar products are designed for any 12V or 24V battery and come in 2,5, 6, and 25watt versions.

“Anytime the sun is shining these durable solar-based products apply PulseTech’s patented one – two punch; a charge combined with its patented high frequency pulse technology, to maintain and condition your vehicle or equipment battery while in use or while sitting idle.” said Smith.

As a battery ages through use or sits unused for periods of time, lead sulfate crystals can enlarge and build-up excessively to the point where they create a physical barrier across the surface of the battery plates. Before long, this build-up can become so dense that a battery is no longer able to accept or release energy

In addition to the trickle charging function that regularly provide daily “vitamins” to batteries, Smith said PulseTech’s exclusive, patented Pulse Technology cleans (desulfates) the plates and brings the battery to a like-new state capable of holding a full charge. The combination has proven to extend 12V lead acid battery life up to 3-5X what is typical.
Not only does poorly or inefficiently managed battery maintenance lead to early failure and unnecessary replacement costs but can also lead to “emergency” and expensive jump starts and take away from the vehicle’s daily schedule and ability to perform. Downtime is money lost and premature battery replacements—especially for commercial fleets— is a budget breaker.

Police and rescue agencies along with the Department of Homeland security have been successfully using a hybrid lightbar product that incorporates a 12V EVR 6 watt system for over three years.

Smith said his company, which has worked closely with the military to develop tough, battlefield ready solar panels, continues to work with the private sector to develop and customize options to suit specific needs.

One example of a military designed crossover into the civilian sector is the commercial version of the 24V battery desulfating and charging systems. Considered the most effective 24-volt solar charges on the market, PulseTech’s 24V series are designed to maintain batteries on equipment or vehicles left in long-term outside storage for weeks and even months.

The 24V solar products desulfate, charge, and maintain all types of generators and vehicles with 24-volt lead acid battery systems, including conventional flooded, AGM and VRLA types.

“If you've used solar chargers before, you know it's important to choose the right solar panel for the amount of power you need and the size and place of the mounting location,” he said “In the past, to get the power you needed you had to struggle with panels that were too big, too bulky and too fragile. With PulseTech's solar products, you can get the power you need with the most installation options for your outdoor vehicles or equipment.”

All of PulseTech”s solar systems, according to Smith, feature higher efficiency, higher quality crystalline silicone cells pack more power per square inch than standard amorphous "thin film" solar cells and have a longer life. Typically, “crystalline” solar cells have a footprint that is 50% smaller than the common amorphous cells that are commonly used.

This results in providing the power needed in a sturdier, smaller sized solar panel. Instead of a breakable glass coating, PulseTech's solar panels are protected with a clear, polyurethane plastic coating mounted on a laminated aluminum substrate to make them virtually indestructible and impervious to weather, aging and damage from bumps and knocks.

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