Friday, 31 August 2012

Global Mission for Children, a Worldwide Child Sponsorship Charity Announces Breaking of Ground on the Island of Formosa, Guinea Bissau

Bradenton, FL ( August 29, 2012 – (“GMFC”), a worldwide Christian children’s charity announced today they are nearing completion of a church and a school on the island of Formosa, a small island off the coast of Guinea Bissau. GMFC has successfully served people on the island of Uno, Guinea Bissau for the last 8 ½ years.

James Miller, co-founder of Global Mission for Children states “we are very excited to announce this milestone. We have prayed profusely to expand our reach to bring food, medicine, clean water, education and the love of God to as many areas of Africa we possibly can.” GMFC has served in the poorest countries in the world, Guinea Bissau & Niger Africa and Nepal, Asia for the past 8 ½ years and have helped thousands. Pastor Wilson Westphal, co-founder of GMFC states “the fulltime missionaries have given up their lives to help these less fortunate children. We are in desperate need of donations as millions more children need to be helped and soon”.

Global Mission for Children was founded after Pastors Wilson and Andrea Westphal returned from a 2 week mission trip to visit 6 fulltime missionaries on the island of UNO off the coast of Guinea Bissau. UNO is a 12-hour boat ride off the coast and has no electricity, running water or sanitation and very little food, if any. The GMFC missionaries are the only lifeline the residents of the sixth poorest county in the world have. GMFC is the only relief organization in the areas they serve.

It is a fact that 24,000 people die in Africa daily, with 75% of them being children. By the time it takes one to read this press release, approximately 30 children will die of hunger, poverty, curable diseases, lack of clean drinking water, government oppression, illiteracy and horrible cults like witchcraft.

One of these horrific rituals is performed on the island of UNO. Each spring Mothers, Aunts and Grandmothers lead their 12-15 year old girls to waiting men. The men perform witchcraft rituals that include beatings, rape, branding, painful piercings and total brainwashing. After the young girls return from enduring the horrors of the 50 day rituals, you can see in their eyes that they are completely lost, terrified and broken. They are now slaves to these men and forced to do all the work. It is unbelievable that the young girls’ so called “loved ones” condone these inhumane rituals!

“We need thousands of sponsors to put a dent in saving the 24,000 people who are dying daily in Africa alone” James explains. People are dying daily on the islands of Guinea Bissau and Formosa and with more money we would be able to help many more children. Cures for these deadly diseases, in most cases, could be administered with just a few dollars per person.

Sponsoring a child through organizations like GMFC will literally save countless lives and give these forgotten children hope for a future. GMFC also has missionaries in Niger, Africa and Nepal, Asia and for just $1 a day one can sponsor a child, watch them flourish and grow and literally save their life from certain death.

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