Friday, 31 August 2012

Kid Orange Tech Provides Interactive Classroom Technology At Kids ‘R’ Kids Johns Creek Parkway

Boca Raton, FL ( August 30, 2012 – Kid Orange Tech, premier provider of educational technology solutions for 21st century kids, announced today that it has installed interactive classroom technology, powered by, at Kids ‘R’ Kids Johns Creek Parkway.

Petra and Brian Ray, owners of Kids ‘R’ Kids Johns Creek Parkway, made the decision to install Kid Orange Tech interactive classroom technology because it provides an unprecedented method for engaging parents in their children’s education on a daily basis. Touchscreen interactive learning centers deliver’s 3500+ learning activities for use in [Insert School Name Here]’s classrooms, and classroom-linked home accounts enable parents to guide their children through the same activities at home via an array of hardware options, including tablet computers and other mobile devices.

“We strive to stay ahead of trends with all teaching methods in our school,” said Brian Ray. ‘The Kid Orange Tech/ solution gives us the perfect tool set to provide standards- based educational tools for home use, delivered on devices our families already use, such as smart phones and tablet computers. The responsible use of technology to deliver fun and compelling learning activities gives our school a unique competitive edge.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Kids ‘R’ Kids Johns Creek Parkway to the growing list of top tier preschools that have adopted our interactive classroom toolset to support the curriculum already established in their school,” said Glen Sloan, Kid Orange Tech’s Senior Vice President. “By adopting our solution they have recognized the substantial value Kid Orange and provide by linking classrooms to living rooms through the technology that is pervasive in American society.”

About Kid Orange Tech
Kid Orange Tech provides educational solutions for 21st century kids by supporting educators and parents in implementing technology responsibly into children's lives. We believe technology has the ability to enrich a child's life when used as an additional learning tool and is not intended to replace traditional play or an existing school curriculum.
About Kids ‘R’ Kids Johns Creek Parkway

Kids ‘R’ Kids Johns Creek Parkway is the premier preschool in Johns Creek, Georgia providing a cutting edge learning environment and an inviting atmosphere for our children, families and staff to achieve their full potential and to be able to recognize and utilize their gifts.


Kid Orange Tech                                                      Kids ‘R’ Kids Johns Creek Parkway
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