Monday, 17 September 2012

They keep moving !

Lexington, NC ( ) September 17, 2012 -  Value Transformation LLC founders, Mr. Kim Pries and Mr. Jon M. Quigley just keep moving as Contributors to the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering: under the CRC Press imprint of Taylor and Francis. The book offered in both a hardback and digitally, is out in October.

This contribution is in addition to six other books, two monographs, and too-numerous-to-count magazine articles these two engineers have written and published.  In addition to their publication works, these gentlemen speak at conferences on a variety of topics relating to product development.  They have multiple advanced degrees, and certifications. Additionally, Mr. Quigley authors seven US patents.

Mr. Quigley lives and writes in Lexington, North Carolina.  Mr. Pries lives and writes in El Paso Texas.  These guys use the power of the internet and web tools to prove that distance is really not an obstacle to collaboration.  Check them out at All of their books focus on improving product delivery, quality, and cost savings. Their shared 50+ years of experience makes them credible trainers, speakers and consultants. Look at what they have done on  Much of the work is embedded product and software centric.
Kim H. Pries and Jon M. Quigley founded value Transformation LLC in 2009. Their experience is largely focused upon software, specifically embedded products, and the product development and manufacturing of new products. Clients have included firms such as the Alten Group, Redwood Collaborative Media.  They are presently exploring an automotive conference in Gatlinburg Tennessee.
Contact Info:
Jon M Quigley
(336) 484-1528
Value Transformation LLC
1211 Heath Church Road
Lexington, NC 27292

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