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Visual Horizons and its divisions ScrapSMART and StoreSMART Complete Four Decades Under Leadership of Reenie & Stan Feingold

Reenie & Stan Feingold has creatively managed Visual Horizons, and its divisions ScrapSMART and StoreSMART, since founding it over four decades ago.
Rochester, NY( August 1, 2012  –  Reenie & Stan Feingold has creatively managed Visual Horizons, and its divisions ScrapSMART and StoreSMART, since founding it over four decades ago.

Visual Horizons, began in 1971 and was a major photo/slide duplication lab for 28 years.  Reenie & Stan, along with their staff, created and duplicated slides for companies including Xerox, Smithkline, The Smithsonian, and NASA. Visual Horizons also created presentation graphics and book illustrations for the now famous Frank Abagnale of "Catch Me if You Can" fame.

The company also produced and published both printed and multi-media products, developed training materials, instructional books, and visual aids for educational institutions, industry, and the government. The topics range from substance abuse prevention to motivational presentations. During the height of production, Visual Horizons produced over 55,000 slides per day. With the introduction of video, and then PowerPoint, the slide industry disappeared.

With the end of the slide business, and not ready to retire just yet, Reenie & Stan developed StoreSMART, a catalog and web site company devoted to organization and storage. Visual Horizons had been producing vinyl slide pages for its customers, so instead of letting the equipment sit idle, production and development began on other vinyl products.  The company now has over 10,000+ sizes of vinyl pockets, CD/DVD storage, and business storage.  The company sells to large corporations, government, military, hospitals, schools, individuals, and for personal use.

Noting an increased interest in the craft market, Reenie saw an opportunity to expand her current business from the corporate market to the individual consumer; and so, ScrapSMART was born. The ScrapSMART line of products is targeted toward the Scrapbook, Rubberstamp, Altered Arts, Sewing and Craft markets.

ScrapSMART boasts an impressive 25,000+ images on CD and for immediate online download. The ScrapSMART line runs from innovative Albums, to Scrapbook, History, and Party Software, to a complete line of rare, vintage cuts and contemporary illustrations created by our own designers. Reenie Feingold debuted one of her products on QVC to an audience of over 85 million viewers. Reenie has also appeared as a guest with several of the ScrapSMART products, on "Protect Your Pretty Projects" and "Scrapbooking with your Sewing Machine," which began airing on April 2004 on the PBS television series "America Sews."

ScrapSMART and StoreSMART continue to expand their lines by adding new products and services everyday. Our goal is simple; provide customers with excellent customer service and great products at affordable prices. Our philosophy is simple: People buy from people they like…that are honest! We appreciate you taking the time to look at our products. Feel free to contact us anytime. Remember…StoreSMARTer and ScrapSMARTer not harder! Scrapbooking, Rubberstamping, Sewing, Card Creation & Altered Art Store and Organize your Computer Software, Office and Photos For those who Create, Deliver, or Publish Presentations Worldwide.


Contact Info:
Stan Feingold
Skype: slides26
Toll Free 800-424-1011 ext. 9208
Visual Horizons / StoreSmart / ScrapSmart
180 Metro Park
Rochester, NY USA 14623-2666

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