Thursday, 16 August 2012

Veronica - The Most Powerful Paladin Appeared Along with a Summon Event in Einherjar

Tokyo, Japan ( August 16, 2012 – Appirits, the Japanese game developer of Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood has announced their latest in-game updates including a brand-new hero named Veronica and an elite character class called Paladin on 15 August 2012 (SGT or GMT+8).

Veronica is one of the most powerful warriors in Einherjar’s Viking world. She has served the convent as a Templar Knight. However, with an inquiring mind and desire to experience new things, she has left the convent and started her own adventure with Vikings. This is a special unit with stable stats increase as compared to other units. Bearing the blood of Ortlinde, her Tech, Intelligence and HP can increase higher than normal.

And Paladin is a legendary Job which is always mentioned in the history of convent. Units of this Job can perform physical attacks, magical attacks and healing skills. They can learn Double Attack IV and Double Magic IV.
Along with those updates will another event which can give players a great chance to obtain valuable items by summoning and training Veronica to certain stats from 15 to 29 August 2012 (SGT or GMT+8). Rewards for each required stat are as below. 

- Stats: 220 -> Rewards: 1 Orichal Spear + 1 Orichal Ring + 1 Orichal Chain
- Stats: 180 -> Rewards: 1 Mithril Spear + 1 Mithril Ring + 1 Mithril Chain
- Stats: 150 -> Rewards: 1 Dark Spear + 1 Dark Ring + 1 Dark Chain

Players can get all of those prizes in the event, i.e. train their hero to stats 150 to get the kit of Dark items then continue training for prizes of the next level. And those items will be distributed automatically when players achieve each required stats.

In case players are not sure of the calculation, the total stats of a unit is the sum of 6 following attributes: Strength, Tech, Agility, Defense, Intelligence, and Luck.

In addition, the hero summon rate at the square will be raised by 20% to help players recruit Veronica more easily.

About Einherjar: Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood ( is a browser- based game combining smooth turn-based tactic and RPG elements that let players start as Viking leaders and strengthen their Viking clans. Players must train their armies through numerous battles and master tactics for each type of map to subjugate their opponents and forge a vast Viking empire!

About Appirits:

Appirits (formerly known as KBMJ) is a corporation specialized in developing Internet systems and services. Appirits has participated in the web game market since 2010 and is creating many new games with nearly 11 years of experience in the web industry.

Address: DAIKANYAMA CA Bldg. 1F, 2-20-3, EBISUNISHI, SHIBUYAKU, TOKYO, 150- 0021, JAPAN 
Tel: +81-3-6696-1207

Contact Info:
Jimmy Tran, Appirits Games Marketing Division, Appirits Inc.


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