Thursday, 16 August 2012


( August 16, 2012 - Here to take the music industry by storm, M.I.K.A. World Media Group (MWMG) gears up for an explosive inauguration. MWMG proudly presents the launch of M.I.K.A. Records. “We are intensely dedicated to producing music at the highest quality, with excellence, so that its contents will encourage, empower, enhance and uplift the lives of its audiences worldwide. Ultimately, M.I.K.A’s mission is to bring back entertainment with a positive edge.” – Eric Stevens, President of M.I.K.A. Records

The company has established two individual labels to handle a myriad of music genres and demographics. M.I.K.A. Records has compiled an exciting and diverse roster of recording artists, selected over the past year. These highly talented veteran and debuting artists will enable M.I.K.A. to quickly penetrate the marketplace. M.I.K.A. Records and Blu will be located in the heart of Hollywood, Florida.

M.I.K.A. Records will be a premier record label while M.I.K.A. also creates “Blu”, a development label offering select artists a development deal to groom them for a major release. Both projects will be a full production launch. Blu artists will record a full length album and immediately begin touring for 12-18 months developing their talent, creating a brand and building their fan base.

M.I.K.A. defines itself through the commitment it undertakes with each of its artists. Contrasting the typical scenario in which a record company spends more money producing the music than they do in its marketing and promotion. M.I.K.A. Records will utilize a staff of experienced and resourceful professionals to ensure the impetus necessary to create chart topping products in the marketplace resulting in the creation of the next generation of legendary artists.
“M.I.K.A. vows to bring back the heart of music. The world wants the best of everything, and we plan to give it to them.” - Eric Smith, Director of A&R.

“The artists signed to M.I.K.A. Records and Blu will deliver music that not only has sustenance but meaning. Top 100 Charts are seeing a wave of change. The people are saying they want music they can relate to and understand what the artist is singing about. Adele, deservingly, winning six Grammys, including one for best album, this year is proof enough. M.I.K.A. doesn’t only make music but also listens to its foundation, the fans.” – Bobby Wilkinson, President of A&R
M.I.K.A. Records understands that the music industry is constantly evolving, markets change and trends fade. Staying connected to our audience and providing a positive influence in the market place will ensure M.I.K.A. Records becomes the next major record label.

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Eric Smith
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