Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Public Policy Online Voting System Announces Successful Nationwide Launch

Members can learn about and cast secure ballots on important federal, state and local public policy issues, before they become law. Registration is free and is designed to engage citizens in the governance process.

Palm Bay Florida ( August 13, 2012 - is pleased to announce the launch of their innovative public policy online voting system on Friday evening August 10th at 6:00 p.m. EST, according to Chuck Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO.

“After two years of research and development, America’s form of representative government can finally work in a more efficient, interactive way, the way our Founders intended. In fact, many lawmakers and high ranking public policy officials have said our Civic Engagement and Communication System is the future of civic engagement in the governance process. Our Development Team, led by Chief Technology Officer Jeff Cogswell, did a brilliant job of bringing our System to market, and millions of Americans will be proud to join,” states Kirkpatrick.

This announcement follows a March 15th press release by the Space Coast Economic Development Commission that the company selected a site location within the City of Palm Bay, Florida’s newly designated Enterprise Zone and one of the community's Sustainable Market and Reinvestment Target (SMART) areas.

“Citizens today are insisting on shared ownership for public policy decisions, and now they have the tools to effectively engage. With our first Advisory Propositions, Americans can finally learn about and vote on a very popular and controversial Federal Immigration issue, and Florida residents can vote on Governor Rick Scott’s efforts to clean the voter rolls. Later this week, New York City residents will be able to vote on Mayor Bloomberg’s desire to ban the sale of large sugary soft drinks. All in all, our launch was a total success and membership enrollments have consistently increased over the weekend,” states Daria DiGiovanni, Director of Social Media Strategies.

Last month in Washington, Kirkpatrick and DiGiovanni met with several members of Congress including Florida Congressman Bill Posey and a number of other Congressional staffers, including the office of Utah Senator Mike Lee. This was preceded by a series of successful meetings with members of the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee.
“We are also pleased to announce that additional Angel Investors have joined our Project over the past few weeks. We have a winning concept, a brilliant, dedicated team of professionals on our staff, and investors are seeing our potential. We are the voters tool of the future," adds Kirkpatrick.

Two National Surveys, including an August 2011 independent survey of 2,500 registered voters in five states indicates nearly half of America’s voters will join

About creates nonpartisan, unbiased ”Advisory Propositions,” at the federal, state and local level in which citizens can learn about and cast secure votes “online” on the most popular public policies, before they become law. Ballot results are verified, sorted, totaled and automatically communicated to lawmakers, removing the uncertainty as to how their constituents expect to be represented. With an integrated Report Generator, Legislators can create valuable voter trend reports utilizing 20 different data points. Designed to handle tens of millions of users, this System replaces the "catch all" methods of phone, fax, email, letters, website comment forms, tweets, and Facebook posts with one high security communication tool. To join, click will be released in Spanish, and will provide a Youth In Politics educational program for ages 13 – 17. Smartphone and Tablet applications will also be available.

For more information, contact Chuck Kirkpatrick (321) 735-4894


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