Wednesday, 8 August 2012

M. Slavin and Sons: The First Family in the Seafood Business. A Fish Market Icon!

Bronx, NY( August 8, 2012 -  In the early 1900’s, Morris and Minnie Slavin opened a small fish store in Brooklyn, New York in order to support their growing family.  As soon as their sons Herb, Jack and Barry were old enough, they joined their parents in what was the beginning of the Slavin fish empire.  A lot of hard work and self-sacrificing during the early years went into the building of the multi-faceted company that it is today.

As direct receivers, processors, and distributors of fresh and frozen fish for over 100 years, M. Slavin & Sons has grown to be one of New York’s oldest and largest seafood vendors serving the Tri-State area.  Now part of the New Fulton Fish Market - the $86 million dollar state-of-the-art facility in the Bronx, dubbed “The New York Stock Exchange of Seafood”, M. Slavin & Sons continue to provide the freshest fish at competitive prices.

What sets Slavin aside from the competition is:

custom cutting by skilled fillet men to meet individual specifications

direct receivers of fresh fish daily

wholesale distribution world-wide

exclusive agreements with numerous fishing vessels to provide the customer with a constant flow of fresh fish year-round

extensive buying power and expertise insures the availability of the highest quality products

their own fleet of refrigerated trucks delivering to the Tri-State area

daily domestic and international shipping

Whether it be fresh fish, fresh shellfish, frozen shrimp, live lobsters, frozen lobster and crab meat, squid, smoked fish, caviar and specialty items, canned fish, dry goods and salads, M. Slavin & Sons services wholesalers, seafood retailers, supermarkets, discerning restaurateurs, and customers from around the country, providing the experience of the freshest fish in the world!

The M. Slavin & Sons motto – “Eat fish, live longer”!
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