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HydroPeptide’s Even Out Pigment Corrector Effectively Lightens All Types of Hyperpigmentation with Safe Substitutes for Hydroquinone

HydroPeptide’s Even Out Brightening Pigment Corrector fades sun damage, age spots, acne scars and pregnancy mask with five corrective ingredients, including the patented Beta White (β White) peptide.

Issaquah, Wash( August 14, 2012 - According to the Kline report, hyperpigmentation is a serious skin care concern, second only to anti-aging.  HydroPeptide, the brand famous for replacing harsh ingredients with over 21 different clinical levels of peptides – protein fragments recognizable by the skin as building blocks that strengthen and nourish – addresses this concern by creating a safe and effective alternative to hydroquinone-based discoloration treatments.

 HydroPeptide’s Even Out Skin Brightening Pigment corrector is the first hyperpigmentation serum to promote a more even complexion thanks to five spot correcting actives with complete safety profiles – including the non-irritating, newly discovered substitutes for hydroquinone – the patented β White peptide and Chromabright.

Even Out is a dark spot corrector featuring powerful actives that deliver results without negative side effects.  Chromabright is a new brightening active that safely inhibits tyrosinase activity – the key determinant of the skin darkening effect of melanin production.  In clinical tests Chromabright exhibited a depigmenting effect comparable to that of hydroquinone, minus the risk of skin irritation.  The β White peptide reduces overall skin pigmentation, including inconsistencies in tone resulting from acne scars and pregnancy mask, by inhibiting melanin production-induced discoloration.   An antioxidant blend of Vitamins C and E, green tea and resveratrol maintain skin’s health and consistent tone over the long term by reducing inflammation and activating sirtuins, a class of proteins that determine cell lifespan.  Elizabeth Mitchell, Los Angeles-based beauty writer for, explains how Even Out fits into your skin care routine.

“Simply apply a quarter teaspoon of HydroPeptide's Even Out Brightening Pigment Corrector over face, neck and decollete area after cleansing and before anti-aging serum, both in the morning and evening,” advises Mitchell, who says post-summer hyperpigmentation is a concern of hers in sunny California. “It’s the easiest regimen to fade imperfections and score sexy, even skin!”

Even Out is retailed as a maintenance treatment and is a key component of the HydroPeptide Brightening Facial, offered as a high-result option at prestige spas worldwide, including the Four Seasons – Biltmore Santa Barbara Resort.  Even Out is also available online at

About HydroPeptide (

HydroPeptide is an anti-aging skin care line formulated with over 21 different peptides at clinical levels and is the winner of over 21 international beauty awards.  Formulated by skin ingredient expert, April Zangl and the renowned Dr. Louise Peck, PhD and nutritional expert in proteins’ body building attributes, this collection specializes in peptides, topical protein fragments that simultaneously improve skin’s radiance, tone and strength.  As a mother, the CEO of HydroPeptide and a fitness and wellness management expert, April prioritizes creating multifaceted products based on the latest advancements that fit into a busy lifestyle and produce faster results without harsh chemicals or irritation.  April believes that while inner beauty is the most important, HydroPeptide formulations are her outlet for celebrating outer beauty.  HydroPeptide is Scientific Beauty Made Simple.
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