Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Drinking Games Book Offered to Public for Free

DrinkingGame.ME announced that its newly published book: Drinking Games A-Z, is available to the general public in electronic format, free of charge. The 35,000 word book features instructions for nearly 100 drinking games.

Windsor, Vermont ( August 7, 2012 – A Vermont-based drinking games company is giving away its new book titled: Drinking Games A-Z.  The full-length book features a comprehensive listing of most of the world’s drinking games arranged by type and alphabetical order.  The entire book is free and is available for immediate download via the company’s website located at :

 Russ Hudson - the company’s Editor-in-Chief - stated that the completion of the book was truly an international effort;
 "We had researchers from all over the world put these games together; including parts of our team from Nairobi, Israel, Australia, Canada, and of course right here at home in the US"

 However, Rachel Clark, PR liaison for the company, said that most of the games included in the book originated in the distant past; not the far-away present;

 "A lot of the drinking games played today began in ancient Roman and Chinese societies, and then were modified by later civilizations.  Our book discusses the history of drinking games in detail; it’s fascinating really - even if you’re not a drinker"

 The book is available as a free download using a small form on the right-hand side of the website.  But despite easy access to the book, Hudson cautions users;
 "In order to get the book you must be of legal drinking age and agree to our responsible drinking disclaimer, which basically states that if you can’t drink without causing problems or getting into trouble, then you shouldn’t drink at all"

 Clark - also the site’s Safety Officer - added her own disclaimer with a smile, but it was clear that she wasn’t joking;

 "You don’t have to play drinking games with alcohol.  Use water.  Juice.  Hot sauce.  Whatever it takes, just be safe, and enjoy the free book"

 DrinkingGames.ME is an aptly named website dedicated to drinking games and its associated culture.  The site features articles and instructions for nearly 100 games, and has several playable online drinking games available for free play, including the popular game Drunk Mario.  The site’s book, titled "Drinking Games A-Z" has been published and is available for immediate download at no cost to the public - for a limited time.  For questions, to schedule an interview with Russ Hudson or to order a press kit, please visit the company website at or call 1-802-738-0775


Contact Info:
Rachel Clark
Public Relations Officer
Drinking Games for Me
13 Day Street Windsor, VT 05089

Source : Drinking Games Book Offered to Public for Free (SharewellNewswire)

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