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Co-Founder of Global Mission for Children, Pastor Wilson Westphal, Announces the Expansion in Guinea Bissau, Africa

Pastor Wilson Westphal of Global Mission for, a Christian nonprofit child sponsorship organization funded by its founders, announces the breaking of ground for a church and a school on the island of Formosa, Guinea Bissau.

Bradenton, FL ( August 23, 2012 - Pastor Wilson Westphal, senior Pastor of announced today that they broke ground on the island of Formosa to build a church and a school as GMFC expands into other regions of Africa bringing food, medicine, education and the love of Christ to these people for the very 1st time in their lives.

GMFC was founded when Pastor Wilson and his Wife Pastor Andrea visited fulltime missionaries on the island of UNO off the coast of Guinea Bissau. They visited the missionaries in mid-April of this year for 2 weeks and what they experienced touched their hearts forever. They saw the incredibly dire situation of hunger, disease, illiteracy, government oppression and a plethora of other horrible issues that affect these people each and every day. Pastor Wilson explains “what we witnessed firsthand literally shook us to our core. There is not nearly enough food or clean water, diseases are killing 24,000 people daily which equates to 800 people per day in Africa alone, 75% of these deaths are children. 

Pastor Wilson comments “These deaths are the equivalent to 100 fully loaded commercial flights crashing in one day killing everyone on board.” Missionaries Jose & Sirlene Elison arrived on the island 8 ½ years ago with their 1 year old son. “This in an incredible act of kindness and their dedication and strength comes directly from God” states Pastor Wilson. “There is no way one could serve on a desolate island in the middle of the ocean on their own strength without blessings from God.” These missionaries have given up their entire lives to serve these forgotten souls. They have built 6 schools, 6 churches and a small un-sanitized medical room where they help medicate 10-40 people each and every day. Pastor Wilson states “unfortunately there is simply not enough money to help all the people that are hurting. Most all these deadly diseases are curable and for just a few dollars these precious children can live a healthy life. Jose Elison has a background in medicine graduating with t nursing degree and his wife Sirlene had a degree in teaching and has been instrumental in education 465 children on a daily basis from preschool to the 5th grade. “We need much more money to educate these children through high school so they can lead a productive life for the very 1st time in the history of Guinea Bissau, Niger and Nepal” Sirlene comments. GMFC is unique as 100% of all donations go directly to their mission fields to help children that are starving, diseased, lost and enslaved in Guinea Bissau & Niger Africa and Nepal Asia. The poorest countries in the world. What Pastor Wilson explains is in one word Unbelievable. He used an example of a horrible witchcraft cult where Mothers, Grandmothers and Aunts bring their 12-15 year old little girls to waiting men in the forest where they perform horrific acts. Rapes, beatings branding and total brainwashing are some of the rituals performed. When the girls return from these “rituals” you can see in their eyes they are broken and brainwashed. The girls also must do all the work like fetching water, which in most cases is 25 pounds, from the well and carrying it long distances. The men are in total control. GMFC is changing this as we bring people to Christ.

Another one of the founders of GMFC, James Miller, explains how the mission was founded and how the dedicated founders are funding GMFC out of their own pockets and explained the grave statistics about the continent of Africa. He reiterated this in a radio interview and explained the child sponsorship program they have where for just $1 per day one can sponsor a child and save their life. . It does not seem like a dollar per day would help but food only costs 20 cents per meal, rice and beans, and a teacher’s salary is $100 per month. That is a great salary considering the average person in the regions GMFC serves the average income is well under a dollar per day. The interview can be heard in its entirety by clicking here.

The goals of GMFC are having all 600 children sponsored by the end of 2012 and thousands more on the 18 remote islands off the Guinea Bissau coast by the end of 2013

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