Monday, 13 August 2012

A New Ingenious Construction Tool Houses a Carpenters Pencil and Attaches to the Top of Your Thumb for Instant Access Every Time

Youngstown, OH ( August 11, 2012- Ohio native Gary Downing has created Qwick-Draw “Measure it, Mark it and Cut it FAST” is the mantra for this one of a kind little device” says Downing.

It’s amazing how much time is spent reaching for, looking for or picking up a pencil that may have been dropped or forgotten when climbing up a ladder or on a roof top. This simple device will make that a thing of the past! Not only can you draw a straight line with it and write down any dimensions, you can also make a list of material needed for that job. Downing says “he understands some of the “Old School” contractors are happy keeping their pencil behind their ear, and that’s ok!” he continues, “However, those that give it a shot will find it quite helpful, especially for their crew members and the everyday do-it-yourselfer
Qwick-Draw is approximately 1 ½ inches long and open at both ends. Once a pencil is sharpened (2 included) the pencil slides in from either end and then attaches to the top of either thumb with the Velcro (that is also included) extending the tip of pencil past the thumb nail. When the pencil needs to be sharpened simply push it through from the back side and sharpen, it’s as simple as that! Union Carpenter in Youngstown, Ohio Donald Beaumont says “It’s one of those simple ideas that is functional, serves a purpose and works well that you wish you would have thought of.”

There is a short video that demonstrates how Qwick-Draw actually works and is just 3minutes in length, additionally, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Use it, Like it or Send it Back. Qwick- Draw is just $3.25 each.

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