Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Single men are inventoried and offered for sale on, the online love-market that empowers women to take control over their dating lives

In this new twist on online dating, CheckHimOut ( a service that enables women to browse through a catalogue of men,add them to their shopping bag, and check them out like mere material objects from the department store.

LOS ANGELES, CA ( July 25, 2012 - Just when you thought that the online dating world couldn't get any crazier, with its innumerable array of more or less conventional niche sites and increasingly elaborate services, CheckHimOut enters the market with a new twist. On this unusual dating website, men are objects to be picked out from a catalogue, checked out, test-run and returned if deemed unsatisfactory. 

CheckHimOut differentiates from other dating websites by only giving women the possibility to initiate conversation with potential matches. Men, in order to earn good chances of being picked out by the site's shoppers, must thus optimize their profiles and advertize themselves as desirable objects. This method, the site claims, spares women from incessant incoming messages from unwanted suitors, while giving men the assurance that all their matches are truly interested.Feminist, you say? "Not at all", responds Katie Greene, spokesperson for CheckHimOut. "We empower women to take control of their dating experience in a safe, fun, harassment-free environment, but we pay men a favor too: on CheckHimOut, they enjoy the increased ego-boost of getting individually picked out by truly interested women, rather than face regular rejection, as they would on our competitor's websites."
The concept seems to be catching on, with the site enjoying impressive success already, just a few weeks after its launch. The female membership of over 10000 brings the ratio of women subscribers to a whopping 65%, a rare figure for the industry. Each day, these thousands hundreds of bargain-hungry shoppers connect to CheckHimOut to pursue their dream date. And because the site is devoted to women, they keep coming back.
It may mean letting go off one's macho side a little, but perhaps accepting to be objectified is now men's best chance of finding a date online.
CheckHimOut ( has turned the online dating world upside down by giving women 100 percent  control over their user experience. This breakthrough approach to dating allows women to shop for the men they are interested in - and only those men have the privilege of making contact with them. With CheckHimOut, women are no longer inundated with messages and emails from unwanted suitors. creates the first Internet dating experience that is entirely harassment- and rejection-free.

Contact Info:
Katie Greene
(213) 785-5122

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