Sunday, 8 January 2012

Determining the most stable stocks to invest in

In a volatile market, stock values keep changing. It is difficult to estimate the most stable stocks to invest in but at the same time, a close look at the best stocks is important. Past performance of different stocks can be useful and based upon their previous rise and fall a future analyses can be done. In the early phases of 2011, many of the investment analysts started on a positive note and explained that the world is slowly recovering from recession. However, within a few months, the economic scenario turned different and again the threat of financial downturn began to loom.

While looking for the best stock picks, it is prudent to check out business trends. To reap benefits from the growing businesses first, you have to identify the area of your investment. Gold stocks are expected to offer huge returns in the long run. The clear cut indications from the last two decades have increased reliance of investment analysts upon the gold stocks. Further, many of the investors are predicting the growth of the automobile sector.

During an economic downturn, many of the huge automobile giants of the United States shut down their production units. Many of them outsourced the manufacturing units while they estimated fresh demand for automobiles in the growing markets. In the markets of Asia-Pacific, the banking and insurance sectors experienced huge growth; it is worth mentioning that despite global recession, many of the Asia Pacific based banks portrayed positive growth. When you are looking for the most stable stocks to invest in, you have to make your decision not only upon local market vibes but also after a thorough study of the global players.
The market analysts may provide in-depth analysis of the future trend but when you put your own money on the stock market, it is all your risk. A basic understanding of stocks can be helpful to start with but when it is a matter of predicting the best stocks, it is sensible to depend upon expert opinion.

Defining stability of stock in this volatile stock market involves risk but studies recommend that the following stocks will perform well during 2012:
  • Travelers (TRV)
  • Newpark Resources Inc. (NR)
  • Servotronics Inc. (SVT)
  • Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (AXAS)
  • Lorillard Inc (LO)
  • Hong Kong Highpower Technology (HPJ)
  • Federated Investors Inc. (FII)
  • Gentex Corporation (GNTX)
  • TotalFinaElf S.A. (TOT)
  • American Tower Corporation (AMT)
Many of the novice investors just rely upon the previous quarter and make a pre-conceived decision about the next one. This is just lack of trading experience; history suggests that there are several stocks that have reached market price as per speculations for the first time but in the very next quarter, they have disappointed the investors. In the present volatile market, it is wise to go with strong analytics.

As you analyze businesses to study their future and the expected yield from their stocks, it is useful to consider their credit rating. The credit stature of a company largely impacts its future growth. Balancing performance with risk is a critical task. Even after investing in a particular stock, it is advisable to monitor the upward trends, this is important to reduce risks associated to your investment.

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