Monday, 12 December 2011

Finance Enquiry – A Valuable Source of Authentic Investment Opinion

Investors now have a credible option to access authentic analyst ratings or analyst opinions online at The site is particularly helpful for the serious investors as it covers a wide range of investment options ranging from equities, mutual funds, gold, silver, commodities, forex and ETFs. The site is already witnessing a steady rise in popularity and page rankings as more and more investors are logging in to get valuable investment opinion and advice.

Finance Enquiry is a dedicated business news portal specializing in presenting the latest and the most updated investment news, views and opinion, mainly covering North America and Europe. They source their information from a global network which includes some of the best financial institutions as well as a host of eminent analysts, investment banks and rating agencies. They have a dedicated team of journalists, specialized in business and finance that interpret and analyze the critical information for the benefit of the investors logging into the portal. ( )

The markets today are witnessing sustained lack of investor confidence mainly due to the beating that investors, big and small, have taken. As a result, every piece of market intelligence dished out by the scores of finance portals and publications is scrutinized intensely by the discernable investor community. In this scenario, sources like Finance Enquiry that captures investor attention on the basis of authentic and authoritative market information is like a breath of fresh air.

Finance Enquiry offers insightful, substantiated, authentic and up-to-date market news, views, updates and information that can certainly make a difference to the serious investor who is not looking for a quick buck, overnight. The kind of value that a substantive source like Finance Enquiry offers is generally understood by the patient investor, who doesn’t like to take undue risks. The bad times today are essentially the result of reckless investments by institutions and individuals alike. The content in this portal definitely suggests a cautious yet, dynamic approach towards investing. Investors that appreciate such a balanced approach will have the last laugh.

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