Friday, 18 November 2011

Shell’s Gulf Well Sets Global Deep Water Record

 Shell Oil Co. said Thursday that a global deep-water record for oil production has been set by a well in the Gulf of Mexico. The well is producing oil from a depth of 9.627 feet below the surface of the Gulf, which is 271 feet more than the previous record, which is also a Shell project in the Gulf and more than six times the height of Empire State Building.
The new record-holder is located in the Tobago Field which is owned by Shell jointly with Chevron and Nexen whereas the previous record holder was in the Silvertip field. Both operate through the Perdido drilling and production platform which is located 200 miles southwest of Houston. The platform is moored in 8,000 feet of water which makes it the world’s deepest-water drilling and production platform.
Information regarding the amount of oil production that is taking place was not provided by the company but it said that the platform’s capacity is 100,000 barrels of oil and 200 million cubic feet of natural gas. Shell spokesman Jaryl Strong said that as the Tobago Field is several miles away from the platform, the oil has to flow on an incline along the sea floor before it can be pumped vertically to the platform.

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