Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Fantasy isn't all about swords, sorcery and dragons, sometimes it's about exploring the boundaries of your sexual desires. 10 Nights, the new book release from Tears of Crimson Books, entices readers with the ten most popular desires among women.
Verbena, AL ( September 3, 2012 - Tears of Crimson Publishing, an independent publisher responsible for other such best-selling novels as A Night at Tears of Crimson and Eternal Crimson, announced today that their latest book, "10 Nights" will be released on September 1, 2012 for Paperback and Amazon. This book, features a collaboration between Tears of Crimson founder and author Michelle Hughes and the best-selling UK writer, Karl Jones, author of the crime thriller Shattered. The concept of BDSM in the world of erotica literature is not new, this collaboration marks the first of such efforts between the team, and combines the writing talents of Hughes, an American, and Jones, a Briton, in a cross-continental collaboration that has resulted in an in-depth look at the exploration of the BDSM dynamics in a relationship.
"This collaboration owes its start to Facebook," Hughes explained. "Karl and I met in a writer's group and there was an instant synchronicity of thought." "This is a new genre for me, but I saw that there was clearly a draw for readers," said Jones. "I was originally only going to edit, but as we began working together, it became apparent that we could use this partnership to illustrate both sides of this unique relationship. We hope this will give readers not only greater understanding, but also give them a new and exciting viewpoint."
The concept of BDSM is not new, nor is the fascination in the reading community. However, with the success of recent publications within this genre, it's opened the door for a more public recognition. These books are, by and large, fantasy, and offer a unique and tantalizing means of exploring sexual fantasies, and in many cases is, a safe, and healthy lifestyle for consenting adults.
Readers are invited to experience the unlikely - but compelling - relationship that develops between the determined but impressionable Leah, a 24-year old college graduate, and wealthy business tycoon, Rhett Hammond. This pairing introduces readers to 10 nights' of erotic exploration and poses the ultimate question - in this modern game of cat and mouse in which 10 Nights could change everything - who will win? And, will 10 Nights be enough?
"10 Nights, the irresistible erotic novel by Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones will be available for purchase on September 1, 2012 at Amazon.
"Tears of Crimson Publishing is an independent publishing company founded by author Michelle Hughes and featuring up-and-coming Gothic, Vampire, and dark romance genres. Other books include: Undercover Submissive, Defying the Sheikh, Gabriel's Diary, Eternal Crimson and A Night at Tears of Crimson. Authors interested in working with Tears of Crimson Publishers can contact Hughes through the Tears of Crimson website.


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