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Global Mission for Children, a Worldwide Child Sponsorship Charity Announces Campaign for Volunteers

Bradenton, FL ( September 5, 2012 – (“GMFC”), a worldwide Christian children’s charity announced today they are launching an online campaign to introduce GMFC to people that are interested to volunteer their time to spread the word of helping the less fortunate children of the world. They are searching for many volunteers to help get children sponsored in the areas GMFC serves in Africa and Asia. They are nearing completion of a church and a school on the island of Formosa, a small island off the coast of Guinea Bissau. GMFC has successfully served people on the island of Uno, Guinea Bissau for the last 8 ½ years building 6 churches, 6 schools and a small medical room that treats between 10-40 people per day.
James Miller, co-founder of Global Mission for Children states “we are very excited to announce this milestone. We have prayed profusely to expand our reach to bring food, medicine, clean water, education and the love of God to as many areas of Africa we possibly can.” GMFC has served in the poorest countries in the world, Guinea Bissau & Niger Africa and Nepal, Asia for the past 8 ½ years and have helped thousands. Pastor Wilson Westphal, co-founder of GMFC states “the fulltime missionaries have given up their lives to help these less fortunate children. We are in desperate need of donations as millions more children need to be helped and soon”.
James Miller notes “After I researched the statics in Africa I found staggering facts from the World Health Organizations and confirmed by other humanitarian groups”. James continues “Approximately 30,000 precious CHILDREN needlessly die in Africa each and every DAY!!! That’s 11 MILLION children per year! Over half of them could be saved if only they had immunizations against childhood diseases, clean water and nutritious daily meals. The youngest children under 5 years old suffer the most”. What GMFC is asking from caring, compassionate individuals is to open up their hearts and become a child sponsor. A child sponsor picks a child in need and commits to just $1 a day. They will be able to communicate with their child via email and GMFC hopes someday the sponsor will go visit the child and see firsthand how their donations are working for the good of the world. GMFC is looking for “Child Angel’s” to volunteer a few hours per month and help to sponsor 100 children”. This gives the “Child’s Angel” incredible motivation to help get children sponsored and they will be rewarded with a trip of a lifetime.
When the GMFC volunteer finds 100 child sponsors they are rewarded with a trip of a lifetime. They win a free trip to visit the sponsored child of their choice and witness firsthand the incredible love and blessings GMFC is providing with the collective help of thousands. The individuals who have visited their sponsored children collectively state “seeing first hand these hurting children has changed me forever. The compassion I have towards others that are in need and the acknowledgement that we, as Americans, are the most blessed people on earth has changed my life forever…for the better!” When they do they will receive a complementary trip to see their sponsored child. Pastor Andrea Westphal, Pastor Wilson’s wife and co-founder of GMFC comments “Is this too much for a child to ask? TODAY you can help this horrific situation. All the good thoughts and pity one might have will not fill water cups or provide life- saving food for these dying children.” GMFC correlates these horrific deaths are the equivalent of 100 fully loaded commercial jetliners crashing daily. “We would be devastated if that happened, the news would be non-stop and something would immediately be done to remedy the problem. This is what's happening day after day after day and it is swept under the rug and continues its destruction” James States.The GMFC missionaries are the only lifeline the residents of the sixth poorest county in the world have. GMFC is the only relief organization in the areas they serve.
It is a fact that 30,000 children die in Africa daily. By the time it takes one to read this press release, approximately 50 children will die of hunger, poverty, curable diseases, lack of clean drinking water, government oppression, illiteracy and horrible cults like witchcraft.
“We need thousands of sponsors to put a dent in saving the 30,000 children who are dying daily in Africa alone” James explains. People are dying daily on the islands of Guinea Bissau and Formosa and with more money we would be able to help many more children. Cures for these deadly diseases, in most cases, could be administered with just a few dollars per person. Sponsoring a child through organizations like GMFC will literally save countless lives and give these forgotten children hope for a future. GMFC also has missionaries in Niger, Africa and Nepal, Asia and for just $1 a day one can sponsor a child, watch them flourish and grow and literally save their life from certain death.
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