Sunday, 9 September 2012

Financial Rep. Educates The Community on Planning

Medford, NY ( September 7, 2012 - Diversified Financial Solutions, an independent financial firm owned by a representative of NEXT Financial Group Inc. (NEXT), is reaping the rewards of the broker-dealer’s record-breaking eighth win of Broker-Dealer of the Year *by using the exposure to educate community members on the importance of financial and retirement planning.
“With the heightened awareness of the services NEXT provides to its representatives, I can develop tools to help people understand the necessity of planning for your financial well-being and the ease of which you can do so,” said Denise Nostrom. “People often come to me with overwhelming burdens of financial grief, and as both an American and an investment professional, I thoroughly understand the impact the economy is currently having on people’s conscious. However, with guidance, advice and a sense of trust in your financial professional, the whole situation seems a lot less frightening.”
Seminars, informative brochures and white papers are some of the ways NEXT representatives, including Denise Nostrom, are helping to heal the financial services industry and broadening the scope of understanding in their communities. In fact, the industry as a whole has committed time and resources to informing the nation through non-profit organizations such as the Financial Services Institute. With their voice leading the way for more education and access to monetary related issues, Americans will find it conducive when piecing together the puzzle of their own financial situation.
“Today’s mindset on retirement and financial planning seems to be a group think mentality, and I want to break this thought process,” said Denise Nostrom. “There are plenty of opportunities for people to achieve the financial outcome they desire and financial advisors are here, and ready to help.”
Securities offered through NEXT Financial Group Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Diversified Financial Solutions is not an affiliate of NEXT Financial Group Inc. Diversified Financial Solutions 1355 N. Ocean Ave, Medford, NY 11763 (631)758-8691.
*Based on a poll of registered representatives conducted by Investment Advisor magazine. Broker- dealers rated highest by their representatives are awarded “Broker-Dealer (B-D) of the Year.”


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