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Edmond Masjedi, Wine Producer, Dispells Wine Truths & Myths

Los Angeles, CA  ( September 19, 2012 –  Wine Producer & Distributor, Edmond Masjedi, produces a great tasting low-end wine that is so flavorful, it can fool you into thinking it is a high and wine.  There is a lot to know about wine to lead a successful wine distribution company.
Edmond Masjedi, a world traveler, has extensive experience sampling gourmet foods from restaurants around the world and tasting fine wines.  People have strong opinions and advice to give about drinking fine wines.
For example, drink red wine with cheese and meat, and white wine with fish and poultry.  Most people stick to this rule, but there are a few exceptions.  Fuller bodied white wines and some sweet wines can be delicious with cheese.  Likewise, some light-bodied reds such as Beaujolais can go well with chicken (according to the book “1000 Best Wine Secrets”).
Another hard fast rule to wine is that you should uncork a bottle of wine to let it breathe a little before pouring it.  However, merely uncorking a bottle of wine has little effect on the wine beyond the air that gets to the liquid in the bottle neck.  Instead, it is suggested to decant the bottle to aerate it.
A wine myth, is that if a wine is popular wine, it must be good.  This is not true, just because a wine sells well, does not necessarily mean it is delicious.  Some well-selling wines are mediocre and neutral if not bland in taste.
Edmond Masjedi plans to produce a great quality tasting wine at an affordable price.
About Edmond Masjedi
Edmond Masjedi is a world-traveler and loves gourmet foods and fine wines.  While traveling, he makes a point to absorb the local culture and foods and wines of whatever countries he visits.  Masjedi is also a wine distributor and beer producer and has numerous years of experience in business and marketing.
Contact Info:
Edmond Masjedi
5021 Adams Place
Suite 136, Plano TX 08807

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