Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Papas Beer To Be Launched By Businessman, Edmond Masjedi

Los Angeles, CA  ( August 29, 2012  - Edmond Masjedi, Los Angeles world traveler and businessman, has sampled beers from all over the world, and knows what it takes to produce a fine-tasting beer and has the business experience to succeed in his newest venture, producing beer.  Edmond Masjedi will soon launch his own beer, Papas Beer. 
Beer Brewers can attest that there is a lot to know about creating a great-tasting, budget-conscious beer. Competition for the best-tasting and best-selling beer product is worldwide.  Did you know:
Beer Statistics:
Top Five Beer-Producing Countries:
1. China (42.3 million liters) 
2. United States (22.9 million liters) 
3. Russia (10.8 million liters) 
4. Brazil (10.7 million liters) 
5. Germany (9.9 million liters)
Countries with the Highest Beer Consumption Rate:

China (19.0%), United States (15.9%), Germany 6.4%), Brazil (5.6%), Russia (5.6%)
Countries that Consume the Most Beer Per Capita (per unit of population):
Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Austria
World Legal Drinking Ages:

  • Age 16:   Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Fiji
  • Age 18: Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Israel, Russia, United Kingdom
  • Age 20:  Japan, Iceland
  • Age 21:  United States, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
  • Zero drinking age:  Albania, Jamaica, Morocco 

Edmond Masjedi is a businessman and a traveler.  He has traveled to different parts of the world, giving him first-hand knowledge of the beer industry and the types of beer products being sold all around in the world in a billion dollar industry.  Global beer consumption in 2013 is projected to reach 2 billion hectolitres (there are 100 liters in a hectoliter). 
In the United States, beer sales totaled near $98 billion in 2011.  With the launch of Papas Beer, Edmond Masjedi hopes to find a niche in America and around the world with a great tasting product that will be affordable to the masses.

Contact Info:
Edmond Masjedi
5021 Adams Place
Suite 136, Plano TX 08807


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