Tuesday, 7 August 2012

National Yellow Dot Program Helps Save Lives

Help first responders find important medical information fast!

ROCHESTER, NY ( August 2, 2012 – When every second counts… Emergency responders are trained to look for a YELLOW DOT on the left rear window of the vehicle when approaching an accident. This indicates that there is a pocket in the glove compartment containing important medical documentation. Medical personnel can make the best decision regarding emergency treatment when they know the crash victim(s) may have health issues, a heart condition, or medical allergies. Certain medications could react adversely with drugs normally given in the emergency room. This can make the difference between life and death for the patient.

"This innovative program alerts first responders to a vehicle crash about the driver and passengers medical information including any medications the injured person(s) may be taking. This information can be critical to a severely injured crash victim during the first "golden hour" of emergency treatment that determines whether a crash victim will survive or not."

This low cost, life saving program is known as the "Yellow Dot Program". Each "National Yellow Dot Program" Kit from provides you with everything needed to make your loved ones safer. Each kit contains a bright yellow decal for the car window, and a bright yellow plastic pocket to hold photos and medical information. Keep your pocket in the glove compartment for easy access during emergencies.

Each National Yellow Dot Kit, from, comes with a 3" laminated and fade-resistant, bright yellow window decal and a heavy duty, bright yellow plastic pocket. Place the decal on the outside of the left rear (driver's side) window of the vehicle. Put the yellow plastic pocket with your medical information inside your glove compartment.

The standard Yellow Dot Pocket is made of heavy-duty yellow vinyl plastic. The back pocket is 4 ¼" x 9 ¼", and will hold up to 10 pages of documents. In the front of the folder is a clear 2 ½" x 4" pocket to slide in photos and business cards for added identification. Keep a list in the "Yellow Dot" pocket of medical conditions, medications, allergies, insurance, healthcare directives and more. FREE emergency medical forms are always available to download at When you need to update the information, just print new forms, or use the standard medical records from your doctor. It's that easy! Be SAFE! Have a Yellow Dot Pocket for every family member. In the event of an accident this information could be life saving!

Use our stock design or have the team at StoreSMART create a custom design for your organization. Use the "National Yellow Dot Program" for promotions, giveaways, and fundraisers.

EMT, Fire and Police Departments
Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics
County Governments
Auto Shows
Insurance Companies
Auto Dealers / Repair
Students and Faculty
Auto Clubs
Gas Stations

To obtain FREE SAMPLES for review by your publication, contact or call 800-424-1011 x 9208. The National Yellow Dot Products for vehicles and the Vial of Life Emergency Magnetic Pockets for the refrigerator are shown at High-resolution publication images are available at - since 1971. Providing 40 years of the finest products to store, distribute, display, file, and organize for home, office, educational, and industrial markets.

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