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Global Mission for Children, a Worldwide Children’s Charity, Announces an Unusual Act of Kindness

Bradenton, FL ( August 9, 2012 – (“GMFC”) announces an incredible act of kindness from one of its founders, James J. Miller, Jr. James has generously agreed to donate 50% of his income to the mission he co-founded. James has funded the mission 100% personally, created the website, and is in charge of marketing, business development and day-to-day operations. James’ wife, Michelle, who has a legal background, also co-founded GMFC along with their devoted friends, Pastors Wilson and Andrea Westphal. The married pastors are both educated in biblical studies and ordained.

After building GMFC from the ground up in 2012 James found it in his heart to do even more. He decided to donate 50% of his income from his telecommunications company to the Mission.

Global Mission for Children was founded after Pastors Wilson and Andrea Westphal returned from a 2 week mission trip to visit 6 fulltime missionaries on the island of UNO off the coast of Guinea Bissau. UNO is a 12-hour boat ride off the coast and has no electricity, running water or sanitation and very little food, if any. The GMFC missionaries are the only lifeline the residents of the sixth poorest county in the world have. GMFC is the only relief organization in the areas they serve.

With a heavy heart, Wilson explained to James the absolute horrible conditions on the Island. He first stated the fact that 24,000 people die in Africa daily, with 75% of them being children. By the time it takes one to read this press release, approximately 30 children will die of hunger, poverty, curable diseases, lack of clean drinking water, government oppression, illiteracy and horrible cults like witchcraft.
One of these horrific rituals is performed on the island of UNO. Each spring Mothers, Aunts and Grandmothers lead their 12-15 year old girls to waiting men. The men perform witchcraft rituals that include beatings, rape, branding, painful piercings and total brainwashing. After the young girls return from enduring the horrors of the 50 day rituals, you can see in their eyes that they are completely lost, terrified and broken. They are now slaves to these men and forced to do all the work. It is unbelievable that the young girls’ so called “loved ones” condone these inhumane rituals!

Upon hearing Wilson’s recounting of these horrific facts, James immediately dedicated his life to the mission. Pastor Wilson stated, “James was incredibly touched by what I witnessed in Guinea Bissau. He has dedicated every day of his life to the mission and is now donating 50% of his income to help the hurting children of the world. This incredible act of kindness does not come by often and others should be touched by James’ big heart and uncommon generosity.”

Wilson continued “when my wife Andrea and I visited the missionaries in Guinea Bissau in April, we witnessed simply a miracle from God.” The 6 missionaries who have been on the island for 8 years have completely dedicated their lives to helping these hurting people and have accomplished astounding improvements. They have built 6 schools, 6 churches and a small un-sanitized medical room. Although between 10-40 people a day are treated basic medicine in the medical room, many more have to be turned away. People are dying at an alarming due to lack of funds so from the bottom of our hearts we are asking people to support the Global Mission for Children by sponsoring a child for just $1 per day.

James shares his compassion. “My heart bled for the hurting people of Guinea Bissau after hearing the report from Pastor’s Wilson and Andrea. The missionaries were desperate for immediate assistance with obtaining water, food and medicine. This prompted me to dedicate my life to these hurting people.”

“The missionaries are building a church on a nearby island named Formosa and will be serving that Island also. Our goal is to serve on all 18 of the major Islands off the coast of Guinea Bissau. We need thousands of sponsors to achieve this goal. People are dying daily on the islands of Guinea Bissau. Cures for these deadly diseases, in most cases, could be researched with just a few dollars per person. Sponsoring a child for just $1 a day will literally save countless lives and give these forgotten children hope for a future.” GMFC also has missionaries in Niger, Africa and Nepal, Asia.

James’ telecommunications company provides the income he graciously donates to GMFC. Businesses consult with James and are guaranteed to save at least 10% monthly off all their telecommunications expenses. Most of these businesses save in excess of 20%. James has helped thousands of companies, small and large, save tens of millions collectively over the past 23 years and has agreements with 20 telecom carriers in the US and Canada. The fees for these consulting services usually cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the company he is auditing. In a remarkably unselfish and giving act of charity, James offers his consulting services 100% free of charge to all who contact him through the Mission. Recently, one client that signed on with James spent a total of 2 hours and is now saving $17,000 per year.

James states, “The process is incredibly simple and it’s a win-win. The customer saves money month after month, and as long as they are a customer is also indirectly donating on a monthly basis. Most clients do not have to change from the carrier they currently use. I have had clients for 20 years and they could not be happier. I have not only saved them money initially, but I continually monitor their account and let them know of additional cost saving opportunities as they arise.”
For more information on how to contact James to receive a complementary cost saving telecommunications proposal, go to or, you may call him directly toll free 888.920.0149. You can learn more about James by reading this incredibly uplifting and life changing testimonial here

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