Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Global Mission for Children Unveils Christian Child Sponsorship Program

Global Mission for Children, a non-profit Christian Church, is pleased to announce its new website that supports missionaries in Guinea Bissau and Niger, Africa and Nepal, Asia, offering a Christian Child Sponsorship Program that serves all faiths. They are helping eradicate extreme poverty and diseases that are killing nearly 24,000 people per day, 75 percent of which are children, due to starvation, diseases, and lack of clean water.

Bradenton, FL( August 7,2012  -  Non-profit Christian Church, Global Mission for Children (GMFC), has announced the launch of its new website that aids missionaries in Guinea Bissau and Niger, Africa and Nepal, Asia, offering a Christian Child Sponsorship Program. GMFC, which has reached areas of Africa where there are no other relief organizations, is helping eradicate extreme poverty and deadly diseases with its new program.

The program will help construct new medical facilities, schools, and churches, as well as provide  food and shelter in areas where diseases and starvation is killing almost 24,000 people per day, out of which 75 percent are children. The program will help them preach the word of God to comfort the people's hearts while saving souls.

James Miller, Jr. president and co-founder of GMFC states, “child sponsorship,, is a very intimate and personal way to make a huge difference to wipe out extreme poverty and deadly diseases for less than $1 per day.” Being a child sponsor for other organizations for the past 7 years, Miller states, “it is one of the most rewarding and deeply spiritual experiences one will ever have and provides a spiritual bond between the sponsor and child that enables them to witness the good their donations are providing.”
GMFC, which is in outreach with missionaries serving full time in the poorest countries in Africa and Asia for the past 8 years, receives funding from its faithful founders. It has reached areas, such as UNO that is off the coast of Guinea Bissau where its missionaries have been serving for the last many years. They have already built 6 schools, 6 churches, and a small unsterilized medical room on the island of UNO alone. Their  Christian Child Sponsorship Program will help them do the same in other areas as well.
Organizations like GMFC use the funds from individual sponsorship to help support an entire community. Miller states, “This creates an incredible personal connection that compliments and is just as important as the monetary donation.” The sponsors pick children from GMFC's website and are encouraged to keep in touch with them primarily through emails that are received by the missionaries and translated to the children as well as villagers and then sent back to donors. This creates a personal, long-term commitment from sponsors through their donations, contact, and prayers. Miller further states, “GMFC is not pursuing a temporary patch on poverty and disease, but is building communities that will be self-sufficient forever.”

GMFC's “Statement of Faith”, “Mission Statement”, and the founders BIO's are posted on their website, so donors will be comfortable to participate.

About GMFC
GMFC is a worldwide sponsorship organization that serves all faiths, creeds ,and ethnicities and has other sponsorship opportunities available like Water Well, Electricity, and Medical Sponsorships.
Contact Info:
James Miller
Fax – 888.959.0069
Global Mission for Children


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